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Biddy Old Women

My cousin was getting married and, being one of the single ones left, I had a bit of ‘friendly’ advice every now and again from some nice little old ladies. This is a response to them (not mean to be cruel)…

Don’t look at me with those glittering eyes,
and whisper about me behind your scrawny hands.
Don’t size me up for future conquests,
and embroil me in your two people contests.
Don’t smile and pat my head,
as you find out about my detailed background.
Don’t try to charm me into liking you,
as you prepare to toss me in a lake to drown.

Dearest old ladies and aunties alike, you cleverly disguised harpys,
STOP with your nefarious plans, those plans of marriage,
and please just let me be single and free for I am not yet ready….

By Taij. Rampersaud, November 29, 2013