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Back to base…

2015 – Project 52 / 52Frames / A Picture a Week Challenge

I didn’t want the vacation to end but we can’t always get what we want – life doesn’t work like that. Also, when you’re going through a variety of different experiences in life at the same time, some areas of your life don’t warrant as much focus as others.

Looking back on my photographs for Project 52/52Frames of this year so far, I see that this has happened too often. Weeks 06, 07, 08, 19, 23 and 24 were basically ‘let’s just get an image that might work with the theme for this week.’ Sometimes I forgot about the challenge and had to do a last minute rush to keep with the deadline, to keep in the game. For example, weeks  05, 17 and 25 show this.

However, on the up side, all of these challenges that I faced (and will undoubtedly face in the future) only make me want to try harder…

Having said that, I present to you:

Week 23 – Focus

Week 23 - 2015 Project 52 - be you
Week 23 – 2015 Project 52 – be you

Yes, this was a bit of a ‘hurried shot’ and I deliberately switched the ‘meaning’ of the theme for the week. Sometimes I like to do that and see what I come up with. In this case, I think it’s important to remember to follow your dreams in life. Don’t follow someone else’s dreams for you…

Week 24 – Transportation

Week 24 - 2015 Project 52 - two wheelers
Week 24 – 2015 Project 52 – two wheelers

A week stuck indoors because of a terrible heatwave resulted in a chance shot. It fits the description but that’s about it. I would have loved to get one in motion and not parked. I did the square crop – I don’t think it worked out that greatly – to get rid of some clutter I didn’t see when taking the picture (it was hot!). Also, looking back, I would have moved a bit to the right to separate the bike from the tree trunk. However, not too shabby either… I hope. 🙂

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