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Weeks 02-07 of 2016

2016 – Project 52 / 52Frames / A Picture a Week Challenge

Week #2 – Black & White

Week 02, 2016 - Black and White: Test your boundaries
Week 02, 2016 – Black and White: Test your boundaries

I love black and white but it doesn’t seem to love me in return. I always get these wonderful (at least to me) shots but never in the week that I want them to. For this week, I finally settled on this because I simply liked it best. It is not the strongest image ever but I still like all the symbolic elements.

Week #3 – Greetings from…

Week 03, 2016 - Greetings from...: Hyderabadi city life
Week 03, 2016 – Greetings from…: Hyderabadi city life

How do I effectively capture the story of ‘greetings from…’? I live in a busy city in India where there thousands of stories that could have been used through images of architecture, culture, landscapes and so forth. However, for this week I liked this image best – there’s clutter and colour, people, vehicles and food, religion and daily lives… Welcome to Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Week #4 – Shoot from below

Week 04, 2016 - Shoot from below: Tropical winter tales
Week 04, 2016 – Shoot from below: Tropical winter tales

From this crop you cant tell that I was looking up at least 70 degrees to get this image. I really did shoot from below – looking up! This tree is really a favourite of mine and I like that I was able to get some colours in this shot and not have it be a complete silhouette…

Week #5 – Shoot from above

Week 05, 2016 - Shoot from above: Abandoned
Week 05, 2016 – Shoot from above: Abandoned

The next obvious challenge was to look down. I think the photograph effectively displayed it this week. I could have gone for a better shot but I wanted to use this one – nature taking back what was once her own. The way the bicycle is almost buried in the drying grass just appealed to me…

Week #6 – Levitation (NOT)

Week 06, 2016: Street Vending
Week 06, 2016: Street Vending

So, I suck at levitation and for some reason  I wasn’t motivated to try this challenge this week. Instead I used an image of one of my favourite things in India – street food! 🙂

Week #7 – (Leading) Lines

Week 07, 2016 - Lines: Natural lines
Week 07, 2016 – Lines: Natural lines

When Mother Nature decides to help you with a challenge, even though you only have your phone on you, you accept it! The coloured versions were pretty but I like the moodiness of the black and white shot more.

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Rules, sound and flashbacks…

2015 – Project 52 / 52Frames / A Picture a Week Challenge

Week 39 – Break the Rules

Week 39 - 2015 Project 52 - Fashion Photography
Week 39 – 2015 Project 52 – Fashion Photography

This week challenged us to ‘break the rules’. I’m still learning the rules/guidelines in photography. However, I took a different view of the theme. Normally, at a fashion show, people would get images of the models and the clothes on display. I wanted a ‘behind the scene’ kind of understanding. I love how the model is moving towards the lights and the photographers are lined up at the end of the ‘ramp’.

Week 40 – Sound

Week 40 - 2015 Project 52 - Rush
Week 40 – 2015 Project 52 – Rush

This was a bit of a coincidence – I didn’t now the theme for this week but was involved in some audio editing work. When I saw the theme I knew I’d want to use this particular image. Yes, it features sound and the whole play on the word ‘snickers’ is also there. However, I also went for a less obvious meaning: these are candy bars and candy bars give energy (a sugar rush?) which is necessary to make sound…

Week 41 – Famous… ah who?

Week 41 - 2015 Project 52 - Message from the past
Week 41 – 2015 Project 52 – Message from the past

I have nothing to fit this theme really. I don’t do a lot of research on famous photographs and who took them. If you showed me an image and asked me who took it – no matter how famous – the odds are that I wouldn’t know who the photographer is. So, instead I used an image that had some meaning for me…

A butterfly (or moth in this case) landing on a person tends to bring good tidings. When we are constantly visited by them in a time period it is a belief that our ancestors are visiting… I just found it sweet that this little fella wanted to hang out with me for a bit.

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Vacation mode – ON!

2015 – Project 52 / 52Frames / A Picture a Week Challenge

At the end of a semester, or after completing a significant amount of work, we need to take some much needed relaxation! I was lucky enough to have friends in Malaysia, a mere four hours flight away from where I study, who offered me a place to relax in a different environment. It might come as a surprise that I was barely able to hold on to this photography challenge. Some might argue that I’m on vacation so I should have time to work on my photography; I argue differently… who has time to ‘work’ when vacation mode has been switched ON?! However, I was able to hang in there for the couple weeks.

Week 20 – Single Light

Week 20 - 2015 Project 52 - island living
Week 20 – 2015 Project 52 – island living

I wasn’t even aware of the theme for this week but I lucked out as I took a lot of pictures one afternoon from the beach. I always liked silhouettes and variety of subjects available were amazing. I had people and boats and people rowing boats… However, this one was my favourites as it has a sense of action coupled with peace.

Week 21 – Architecture

Week 21 - 2015 Project 52 - flight cage
Week 21 – 2015 Project 52 – flight cage

There is a wide variety of gorgeous architecture in Malaysia, especially Johor and Kuala Lampur. However, the former zoo volunteer in me felt like this juxtaposition of man-made vs. naturally constructed architectures my choice. It didn’t hurt that there were so many beautiful green trees around either. This is the top of a flight cage at the Johor Zoo.

Week 22 – Advertisement

Week 22 - 2015 Project 52 - conservation
Week 22 – 2015 Project 52 – conservation

Did I mention that I’m an animal lover? I’m not sure what others did this week from 52Frames, but I wasn’t thinking about the theme as I took this image. I didn’t even choose the image for this week until I got back from vacation. However, when I saw the theme, my mind came to this specific image as I spent a vast amount of time just observing this mom and her baby at Batu Caves, Malaysia. I didn’t use any text on it as I wanted it to speak for itself. I think it would make a good image for ‘conservation’ based public service advertisements.

That’s about it from my weeks as a lazy tourist who barely kept up with 2015 Project 52!

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2015 – Project 52 / 52Frames / A Picture a Week Challenge

Week 03 – Leading Lines

I never quite pay attention to all the ‘lines’ in my compositions… well not in detail. However, I realised this week that I do use them in my compositions, subconsciously. The way I process also holds to this as I would ensure my horizons are proper and I’ll crop based on lines in my composition.

Needless to say, this week wasn’t exactly a had one for me to use lines but to actually think of a theme was difficult as I wanted to really challenge myself. However, before I get into that, here’s the selected image for this week. This was taken on Makarsankranti, also known as Pongal. It is known as the harvest festival here and the locals (Indians) like to raise kites as part of the celebrations. I would also like to say that the kite in the last picture in the gallery for the week is the one I raised (with minimal wind) *feeling proud*.

Week 03, 2015 – Makarsankranti at TIH

Now… I’ll explain the three strongest conceptual ideas for this week as they concern “leading lines”.

Theme One – Sunset/Twilight: Some of the international students and I took a walk on one of the many nature trails on campus. This resulted in a wonderful afternoon of seeing lovely scenes and simply relaxing and connecting with mother nature, with smatterings of human made devices in the mix. Close to sunset, we were climbing some rocks (nothing too dangerous) when the monk showed me the beautiful scene of the setting sun being framed by the rocks. So, I tried to get as low as possible and use all of the ‘lines’ to help with the final shot. I don’t think I did a bad job at all! Then, as we exited the trail and started the climb uphill to our hostel, I saw the beautiful afternoon light being chased by a lovely night – twilight in all its glory. The way the trees, power lines, lights and even the road with sidewalk and divider framed the last bit of day light was simply lovey. Even the oncoming night seem to add to the final scene. Neither of these shots were planned before hand but the compositions, etc., were done on the spot. I was thinking of sunset shots but the surroundings made them happen when I least expected. In these instances, the lines were not the focus but how they helped with the overall composition in framing the subjects was the best part for me. I really liked both images but I felt they were missing something. Side note: I wish I had them both for week 2 – silhouettes *sighs*.

Theme Two – Guitar Strings: As I was walking through my hostel one night I heard one of the guys playing his guitar and immediately thought of the musical instrument and the lines there. Upon request he agreed to being my ‘model’ and this resulted in a night of fun, music and interesting compositions around the hostel. In this instance, the lines were the subjects of the compositions. However, as I started to shoot and move around to different locations some other elements came into the equation – like the rails and stairs. I think overall, this shoot went well as I learned a lot and upon processing I saw mistakes I’ll correct in the future. However, yet again, something was missing in my opinion.

Theme Three – kites and Pongal: I knew we would be seeing kites for Pongal and the possibilities of all the leading lines – the twine used to secure the kites, the hands holding the twine, eyes looking towards the kites – had me excited. I liked the possibility of action themed with the fun of kite flying. From the first photograph to the last one on this afternoon I knew I’d be using one of them for sure. I think I had some good ones but finally settled on that particular shot because of the blatant and subtle leading lines present; even though lines are prominent, the subjects were not the lines, they simply helped to drag the eyes in, but the kites and the people trying to raise them were the main elements.

All in all, it was good to refresh my mind on leading lines and remind me how important they are in compositions! Also, it’s good to note that all leading lines are not necessarily ‘physical’ in nature or even ‘straight’…

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Midnight Secrets

2015 – Project 52 / 52Frames / A Picture a Week Challenge

Week 02 – Silhouettes 

The theme for this week was ‘silhouettes’ – one of my most favourite themes ever. However, I was stumped for ideas as I already did a set of them over the holidays and I couldn’t use them as they weren’t taken within the time frame of the week.

As a result, I decided to combine two of my favourite things: silhouettes with and dance. I wasn’t sure what I was going to get and had a few ideas in my head but in the end, I ended up on the roof of my hostel. I noticed that the moon was up, just beyond the trees, and the idea finally came together.

Week 02, 2015 - Midnight secrets...
Week 02, 2015 – Midnight secrets…

A silhouette tends to be a dark, object without details against a background with some amount of details. For some reason, this didn’t appeal to me as I wanted some details in the object. I might not have hit this week’s challenge 100% but I like the end result.

Why do I like this image? It’s unconventional. I like the fact that the moon is in the background, just to add to the idea that it’s night. However,  the artificial light focuses on what the individual is doing – preparing for something. It’s a dark image (double challenge – doing a silhouette in darkness) but I like the fact that I was able to still highlight the subject to some extent. The overall idea for me is ‘mysterious to the point of illumination’. Basically, I’ll keep the secrets I want (in darkness) and tell you what I want to (light).

What would I have done differently if I could? It was difficult enough to get this shot. She was sitting on the ledge so on the other side of her is a two-story drop. If I could have, I would have put her somewhere else so that I can get a bit of a rim light around her head and upper body to separate her from the trees. However, that doesn’t disturb me too much as I did try moving her around but the moon wasn’t where I wanted it.

Here are some other images from that shoot:

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