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Who am I?

2015 – Project 52 / 52Frames / A Picture a Week Challenge

Week 38 – My Personality 

Week 38 - 2015 Project 52 - shadows and light, colours and tears
Week 38 – 2015 Project 52 – shadows and light, colours and tears

One of the worst things ever is to ask me to talk about myself. I have a lot of information to share but for some reason, quite ironic really, I can’t get the meaning across. This week’s challenge was interesting indeed as we were asked to take one picture that gives an idea of our personalities – without featuring people as an extra challenge. To me, there are so many complex aspects of my personality, thus, this was not easy.

I remember a conversation with a then PhD student in 2009. We were on the roof of my hostel in the evening time and as the sun set and twilight turned to night we were having an interesting discussion. It was based on the question, “WHO am I?” Every attempt we made to define who we were placed us in some box that society has created. In the end we realised that to say nothing would be the best way to describe ourselves as the possibilities are endless and we don’t place restrictions on ourselves. Up to this day, I still can’t answer that question yet I have a much deeper understanding after that conversation.

Coming back to this photography project of mine, in the end, I thought this image from a recent road trip summed it up enough. Why? SOME of the reasons why I chose this image are briefly stated below:

  • Life
  • Colours
  • Shadows
  • Darkness
  • Budding flower
  • Tears
  • Disguised ‘sharpness’
  • Macro

That’s about it… 🙂

Cover image by Sumedha Goswami.

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Outside my window

2014 – Project 52 – Week Thirteen

Some weeks I need to really think about a theme or a picture to take to ensure I stay in the game. Other weeks, it’s as simple as staring out of my window.

Week 13: Mar 26 - Apr 01 Title: Kiskadee Location: Home, ECD, Guyana
Week 13: Mar 26 – Apr 01
Title: Kiskadee
Location: Home, ECD, Guyana

For this week, the first image I took was of a bird outside my window. The next day, as I was working on notes for my classes, I heard some sweet singing outside my window so I looked out – low and behold, more birds. This set the tone for the week and I realised that it’s not a bad theme for the week.

I liked this image the most from this week due to the contrast. It might look like a very simple ‘point and shoot’ image but I did spend some time (as much as a moving bird can give you) ensuring it was composed the way I wanted it. Also, I had some problem with processing it initially – there was a purple glow about the fence. The good thing about it is that I’m part of a photography group, Guyana Photographers, and once you upload an image the others aren’t too shy about pointing out ways to improve the image.

In summary: Week Thirteen challenges included (1) being restricted to using a window frame as my ‘movement area’, (2) shooting moving objects – I lucked out when they landed and (3) processing.

Here are some more images I shot during this week with a focus on that window!