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My mind yearns for calm
From the torrential thoughts askew
My soul yearns for peace
From emotions too blue
My heart yearns for wholeness
From the shattered pieces of yesterday
Myself? I yearn to dance without reason
With unconditional happiness on display…

by Taij Rampersaud
February 26, 2014



There are some things that I just can’t explain without being a bit mysterious; this is one of those. When I read it, I think I’ve explained myself fully. I’m not too sure about your interpretation…

To earn something it must be won,
by fair means, even in nasty fights.
Some battles are lost before they’ve begun,
lost in the never ending nights.

I will not fight, I will surrender
But call me not a coward!
I am a smart, strong individual,
who knows how to go forward.

Sometimes, without a certainty, you know,
which way the undercurrent will flow.

By Taij. Rampersaud, February 09, 2014.

Biddy Old Women

My cousin was getting married and, being one of the single ones left, I had a bit of ‘friendly’ advice every now and again from some nice little old ladies. This is a response to them (not mean to be cruel)…

Don’t look at me with those glittering eyes,
and whisper about me behind your scrawny hands.
Don’t size me up for future conquests,
and embroil me in your two people contests.
Don’t smile and pat my head,
as you find out about my detailed background.
Don’t try to charm me into liking you,
as you prepare to toss me in a lake to drown.

Dearest old ladies and aunties alike, you cleverly disguised harpys,
STOP with your nefarious plans, those plans of marriage,
and please just let me be single and free for I am not yet ready….

By Taij. Rampersaud, November 29, 2013

Let it be…

Let it rain through the morning sun
As I sing and dance and have merry fun
Let it rain during the good and the bad
The sweet spots of happiness and also the sad

Let the world turn as day changes to night
Whisk away the pains exposed in the sunlight
Let the night cloak the cuts of years past
Internal conflicts that will forever last…

Let it be, let it exist
Through the mists you won’t see
What is real and what is a ghost
Nothing shines through that opaque post

A glimmer of something new,
Something untold
A future filled with light
Dreams that are bold…

I sleep, I dream, I wake and exist
Fighting against the currents of the abyss
My fascination with darkness will forever be
But a newness to this day; it’s time to see…

Never shall I let it…simply be…

By Taij. Rampersaud, January 02, 2014

Let it be...