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Weeks 02-07 of 2016

2016 – Project 52 / 52Frames / A Picture a Week Challenge

Week #2 – Black & White

Week 02, 2016 - Black and White: Test your boundaries
Week 02, 2016 – Black and White: Test your boundaries

I love black and white but it doesn’t seem to love me in return. I always get these wonderful (at least to me) shots but never in the week that I want them to. For this week, I finally settled on this because I simply liked it best. It is not the strongest image ever but I still like all the symbolic elements.

Week #3 – Greetings from…

Week 03, 2016 - Greetings from...: Hyderabadi city life
Week 03, 2016 – Greetings from…: Hyderabadi city life

How do I effectively capture the story of ‘greetings from…’? I live in a busy city in India where there thousands of stories that could have been used through images of architecture, culture, landscapes and so forth. However, for this week I liked this image best – there’s clutter and colour, people, vehicles and food, religion and daily lives… Welcome to Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Week #4 – Shoot from below

Week 04, 2016 - Shoot from below: Tropical winter tales
Week 04, 2016 – Shoot from below: Tropical winter tales

From this crop you cant tell that I was looking up at least 70 degrees to get this image. I really did shoot from below – looking up! This tree is really a favourite of mine and I like that I was able to get some colours in this shot and not have it be a complete silhouette…

Week #5 – Shoot from above

Week 05, 2016 - Shoot from above: Abandoned
Week 05, 2016 – Shoot from above: Abandoned

The next obvious challenge was to look down. I think the photograph effectively displayed it this week. I could have gone for a better shot but I wanted to use this one – nature taking back what was once her own. The way the bicycle is almost buried in the drying grass just appealed to me…

Week #6 – Levitation (NOT)

Week 06, 2016: Street Vending
Week 06, 2016: Street Vending

So, I suck at levitation and for some reason  I wasn’t motivated to try this challenge this week. Instead I used an image of one of my favourite things in India – street food! 🙂

Week #7 – (Leading) Lines

Week 07, 2016 - Lines: Natural lines
Week 07, 2016 – Lines: Natural lines

When Mother Nature decides to help you with a challenge, even though you only have your phone on you, you accept it! The coloured versions were pretty but I like the moodiness of the black and white shot more.

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Who am I?

2015 – Project 52 / 52Frames / A Picture a Week Challenge

Week 38 – My Personality 

Week 38 - 2015 Project 52 - shadows and light, colours and tears
Week 38 – 2015 Project 52 – shadows and light, colours and tears

One of the worst things ever is to ask me to talk about myself. I have a lot of information to share but for some reason, quite ironic really, I can’t get the meaning across. This week’s challenge was interesting indeed as we were asked to take one picture that gives an idea of our personalities – without featuring people as an extra challenge. To me, there are so many complex aspects of my personality, thus, this was not easy.

I remember a conversation with a then PhD student in 2009. We were on the roof of my hostel in the evening time and as the sun set and twilight turned to night we were having an interesting discussion. It was based on the question, “WHO am I?” Every attempt we made to define who we were placed us in some box that society has created. In the end we realised that to say nothing would be the best way to describe ourselves as the possibilities are endless and we don’t place restrictions on ourselves. Up to this day, I still can’t answer that question yet I have a much deeper understanding after that conversation.

Coming back to this photography project of mine, in the end, I thought this image from a recent road trip summed it up enough. Why? SOME of the reasons why I chose this image are briefly stated below:

  • Life
  • Colours
  • Shadows
  • Darkness
  • Budding flower
  • Tears
  • Disguised ‘sharpness’
  • Macro

That’s about it… 🙂

Cover image by Sumedha Goswami.

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UOH, India

2015 – Project 52 / 52Frames / A Picture a Week Challenge

Week 05 – Greetings from…

This was not an easy week for me as I was crazy busy in the department. However, I’m thankful that I was able to fit a walk in with some friends and I’m rather happy with the image I got.

Week 05 - Project 52 - UOH, Hyderabad
Week 05, 2015 – UOH, Hyderabad

When I looked at the specifics for this week, a lot of ideas came to mind as Hyderabad (where I’m currently located) has a large amount of beautiful scenes  I capture to let you know where I am. However, in the end, the lack of time to go out adventuring and my love for my campus won out.

Why do I like this specific image? This picture aptly sums up my campus: it’s a beautiful combination of nature and man sharing a space. However, I choose to show the natural landscape more as the campus is large and most of it consists of forests and rocks with buildings scattered throughout.

Why did I choose a vertical composition instead of a horizontal one? I feel like this composition did justice to the elements of the image. I was going for the horizontal so you can get more of a panoramic view of where I was but then  I realized that I wanted to get the feeling of being drawn into the harsh bushes and lead upwards through the rocks, trees and lake towards the buildings in the background and finally the serenity of the setting sun at the top.

Here are some other images from the walk to get my image for the week:

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Country visit…

- mahaicony creek (1)
Sweet water meets salt water

Prelude: The Co-operative Republic of Guyana, sometimes referred to as the ‘Land of Six People’,  is truly a magnificent place. I’m not just saying this because I’m Guyanese but you have to expect some amount of prejudice as I’m very proud of my country. The short, and more popular, version ‘Guyana’ is an Amerindian word which means ‘Land of many Waters’.

Sometime over the Christmas vacation in 2013, some family, friends and I took a visit to Mahaicony Creek, East Coast Demerara, Guyana. This all came about because one of my cousins is home for the holidays and she wanted to check out some of her old haunts.

The road trip there was exciting in it’s own way: improper communication that finally ended with us all meeting up at the gas station, detours around scenic routes to pick up more people, vehicular failures that ensured we got lunch on time as we stopped to fix them and so on. However, the best of it was when we stopped going along the coastal road and started inland. We travelled on a road going South towards a small jetty where we changed transport to a speed boat. This boat took us up the Mahaicony River to our destination which was ALMOST the last house on the river before travelling many more miles to reach an Amerindian village.

Mahaicony Creek (5)
Plantation legacy: Abandoned plantation manager’s home on the North-South road.

While on the road going inland, my grandmother, an eighty-two year old young woman who was with us in our vehicle, pointed out some old places of interest. She showed us the hall where her husband, now deceased, used to go as a young boy to village dances. In addition, as we banked one of the many turns, she pointed out a banana tree dam where she used to live as a little girl with her family in a house that has faded into the past. There were times when she was a bit confused as the landscape had changed and she had left the area when she was a young teenager. Sadly, we were going too fast, trying to catch our runaway canter (the other vehicle), so I didn’t get pictures of all these places.

Tractor infront of a rice field
Tractor infront of a rice field

The road inland was quite a beautiful scenic route and showed wooden houses with shingled roofs and walls, fences made with wire and posts and animal enclosures. There were also large, lush green rice fields with tractors and general farming areas. Don’t get me wrong, the entire area was definitely not old and rustic. There were so many modern houses and vehicles in the area that sometimes I thought I was back in the capital city.

On the Mahaicony River
On the Mahaicony River

Finally, after dodging some pot holes here and there on the asphalt road for about twenty minutes, we arrived at another docking area  for water transport – the first was at the mouth of the intersection of the river and the coastal road. The trip up the river was relaxing for me, maybe not so for many of the other passengers as they were a bit tense from time to time as the driver swerved to avoid crashing into waves caused by passing boats. We lucked out because the mid-day sun was not sharp at all due to some wonderful cloud cover. After some time (I’m really not sure how long as I just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the ride) we arrived at our destination for the day.

Mahaicony Creek (8)
Lush green Guyana

A beautiful home with a small pond for the ducks, rustic kind of pen for the horse and lovely green land bordered by black waterways. A visit to green, green Guyana – a mini family vacation…