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Who am I?

2015 – Project 52 / 52Frames / A Picture a Week Challenge

Week 38 – My Personality 

Week 38 - 2015 Project 52 - shadows and light, colours and tears
Week 38 – 2015 Project 52 – shadows and light, colours and tears

One of the worst things ever is to ask me to talk about myself. I have a lot of information to share but for some reason, quite ironic really, I can’t get the meaning across. This week’s challenge was interesting indeed as we were asked to take one picture that gives an idea of our personalities – without featuring people as an extra challenge. To me, there are so many complex aspects of my personality, thus, this was not easy.

I remember a conversation with a then PhD student in 2009. We were on the roof of my hostel in the evening time and as the sun set and twilight turned to night we were having an interesting discussion. It was based on the question, “WHO am I?” Every attempt we made to define who we were placed us in some box that society has created. In the end we realised that to say nothing would be the best way to describe ourselves as the possibilities are endless and we don’t place restrictions on ourselves. Up to this day, I still can’t answer that question yet I have a much deeper understanding after that conversation.

Coming back to this photography project of mine, in the end, I thought this image from a recent road trip summed it up enough. Why? SOME of the reasons why I chose this image are briefly stated below:

  • Life
  • Colours
  • Shadows
  • Darkness
  • Budding flower
  • Tears
  • Disguised ‘sharpness’
  • Macro

That’s about it… 🙂

Cover image by Sumedha Goswami.

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Make a Statement!

2015 – Project 52 / 52Frames / A Picture a Week Challenge

The Excuse: I was in an accident. Although I was lucky to escape with a few scratches and bruises, I was still very much affected by all of it. Added to this there were some other things happening in my life that just de-motivated me from doing anything…photography was most definitely included.

Having said that I’m also going to say that I’m not very proud of my executions for weeks 06 and 07. However, the concepts I’ll work with again to try and properly represent them.

Week 06 – Rule of Odds

Week 07, 2015 - simplicity
Week 07, 2015 – simplicity

The problems with this image are numerous. Firstly, it’s plainly point and shoot in nature – there’s nothing creative about it. Upon reflection, I could have stood and tried to get the top-view as I think the concentric circles would have made it stronger. In addition, it’s definitely not sharp – a result of having injuries on my dominant hand. However, I could have asked a friend to help me set up a tripod…

What I learnt? Don’t use your injuries to produce something you won’t be proud of in the future. Try your best ALWAYS with what you have…

Why did I keep this image? I guess I want to keep it to remind me in the future of my laziness… I don’t want to make this mistake again!

Week 07 – Make a Statement

Week 08, 2015 - Int'al Love
Week 08, 2015 – Int’al Love

I love this picture because of the togetherness it represents for me. I’m from a beautiful country with, generally, beautiful people. However, I’m tired of the ‘racial tensions’ that are encouraged when it’s elections time in my country – this just separates friends. For me, following the current elections in my homeland, this picture made the most impact for me this week.

It’s a point and shoot in nature and the red-eyes are glaringly a problem but I choose not to focus on that. I choose to look at the happiness on the faces of my friends from Iran, Kenya, Russia, Sudan, Tanzania and the United States of America. I choose to focus on the ‘togetherness’ they show in this image and see hope for a better tomorrow…

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My Sweet Darkness

Hello my dearest, darling darkness…
How I missed you so…
I almost forgot your comforting nature
Basking in the sunlight’s bright glow…

I almost forgot the things you can cloak
and how you keep me safe from harm about
By making me invisible to the evils around
You kept me safe in your darkest underground…

Greetings my sweetheart, joy of my life
I didn’t know where you were
But never leave me, my comforting friend
For without you my life is a bright, bright blur…

Taij Rampersaud
February 09, 2015

Let it be…

Let it rain through the morning sun
As I sing and dance and have merry fun
Let it rain during the good and the bad
The sweet spots of happiness and also the sad

Let the world turn as day changes to night
Whisk away the pains exposed in the sunlight
Let the night cloak the cuts of years past
Internal conflicts that will forever last…

Let it be, let it exist
Through the mists you won’t see
What is real and what is a ghost
Nothing shines through that opaque post

A glimmer of something new,
Something untold
A future filled with light
Dreams that are bold…

I sleep, I dream, I wake and exist
Fighting against the currents of the abyss
My fascination with darkness will forever be
But a newness to this day; it’s time to see…

Never shall I let it…simply be…

By Taij. Rampersaud, January 02, 2014

Let it be...