Since 2009, my love for capturing moments in time for posterity and prosperity has grown exponentially. This is a direct result of having one of my dreams realized: I visited India, the homeland of my ancestors. I wasn’t sure if I would be back so I wanted to ensure that I captured every moment possible so that I will have those memories forever. However, don’t be fooled, I was a regular shutterbug before then and I think my family was a bit happy to be rid of me for some time – they could eat in piece and do their quirky craziness without wondering if their silliness would be captured for posterity and as blackmail material for future generations.

Even thought I have blog posts that contain photographs from specific adventures, the magnitude of the images I share with you will be from  ‘Project 52’ that I participate in. Basically, this personal challenge motivates me to take one ‘good’ picture a week. By ‘good’ I mean at least one picture that is not simply ‘point and shoot’ or for ‘documentation’ purposes only. This image would have some amount of concept behind it and focus on photography related techniques so that I can grow as a photographer.


2013 – Project 52: This year I focused specifically on Project 52 and not ‘A Picture a Day’ (Project 365/366) challenge.

2014 – Project 52: I had so much fun doing this project in 2013, I decided to do it once again. It wasn’t easy to keep going due to the fact that I migrated halfway around the world in July. However, I was able to keep with it and complete it.

2015 – Project 52: Third time running except I’ve joined some photographers from 52Frames for this challenge. Instead of clicking images and then selecting the one I like the best for the week, I was given the additional challenge of taking pictures that were ‘theme specific’ each week.

2016 – Project 52: I’ve officially started my fourth year of dedicated photography to ‘Project 52’. It is also my second time with the 52Frames group and I’m loving it…

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