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– poetry that I write from time to time


For I am me, a singular being.
With a past well lived and a future unseen.

I have basked in the sun and stared at the abyss,
lived with the thunder, lightening and a stardust kiss.
I’ve swum in the ocean and howled at the moon.
Enjoying each day for every breath is a boon.

There are times when I shimmer and shine
with every movement, every thought – sublime.
Finding joy in the simple things that exist,
Seeing beauty in everything – clarity and mist.

Then I hide away from it all,
in the cocoon of my self imposed darkness,
searching for the answers to the unknown.
The flip side of it all I do not bemoan.

For I am me, a singular being,
with a past filled with memories and a future unwritten.
I forge ahead, into the darkness and the light,
loving the sun warmed and the frostbitten.

T. Rampersaud
November 09, 2017


My Sweet Darkness

Hello my dearest, darling darkness…
How I missed you so…
I almost forgot your comforting nature
Basking in the sunlight’s bright glow…

I almost forgot the things you can cloak
and how you keep me safe from harm about
By making me invisible to the evils around
You kept me safe in your darkest underground…

Greetings my sweetheart, joy of my life
I didn’t know where you were
But never leave me, my comforting friend
For without you my life is a bright, bright blur…

Taij Rampersaud
February 09, 2015


My mind yearns for calm
From the torrential thoughts askew
My soul yearns for peace
From emotions too blue
My heart yearns for wholeness
From the shattered pieces of yesterday
Myself? I yearn to dance without reason
With unconditional happiness on display…

by Taij Rampersaud
February 26, 2014


There are some things that I just can’t explain without being a bit mysterious; this is one of those. When I read it, I think I’ve explained myself fully. I’m not too sure about your interpretation…

To earn something it must be won,
by fair means, even in nasty fights.
Some battles are lost before they’ve begun,
lost in the never ending nights.

I will not fight, I will surrender
But call me not a coward!
I am a smart, strong individual,
who knows how to go forward.

Sometimes, without a certainty, you know,
which way the undercurrent will flow.

By Taij. Rampersaud, February 09, 2014.

Biddy Old Women

My cousin was getting married and, being one of the single ones left, I had a bit of ‘friendly’ advice every now and again from some nice little old ladies. This is a response to them (not mean to be cruel)…

Don’t look at me with those glittering eyes,
and whisper about me behind your scrawny hands.
Don’t size me up for future conquests,
and embroil me in your two people contests.
Don’t smile and pat my head,
as you find out about my detailed background.
Don’t try to charm me into liking you,
as you prepare to toss me in a lake to drown.

Dearest old ladies and aunties alike, you cleverly disguised harpys,
STOP with your nefarious plans, those plans of marriage,
and please just let me be single and free for I am not yet ready….

By Taij. Rampersaud, November 29, 2013