52 weeks of me!

2016 – Project 52 / 52Frames / A Picture a Week Challenge

Week #1 – Self-portrait

Week 01, 2016 - Finding a balance
Week 01, 2016 – Self-portrait: Finding a balance

As is the custom, the first week of this challenge is to do a ‘self-portrait’. I’ve done a couple of these over the years but I always manage to hold a bit back. This is a favourite challenge of mine as it really makes me think about ‘who I am’ and try to represent this in one image.

Most people who now me would say that I’m a bubbly person, full of life – happy, optimistic, easy going, friendly… all those ‘sunshiny’ qualities. However, I do have a dark side that I tend to capture in self-portraits. It’s not pessimistic but it is a deep, contemplative side that embraces a darkness that might be troubling to some.

This year, I’m willing to crash through barriers and just discover who I am… Consider every image I take a ‘self-portrait’ in some way or another. Happy 2016 all!!!

Another shot from the self-portrait shoot.

Check out my Facebook Page (TR Pixel Addiction) and my Instagram (Tj.Reshi) for more of my photography.


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