2015 – Project 52 / 52Frames / A Picture a Week Challenge

Week 06 – Love Story

One would think that love stories are easy to tell and to represent in images since “love is all around us”. This might be true as many of the other photographers in this challenge on 52Frames came up with beautiful images for this week. However, LOVE, in my experience, is an emotion that is easy to feel but when it comes to describing and representing it in any form it’s not that easy.

In addition, I’ve seen both sides of the ‘love’ coin – the happy and the sad. Thus, my image this week. Love doesn’t always last… I choose to show the other side of the coin from happiness…

Week 05 – Project 52 – UOH, Hyderabad
Week 06, 2015 – Good bye

This image appealed to me because  it subtly tells the love story I like: the good-bye aspect. Not all love stories finish in the ‘happily ever after’ paradigm. Thus, you learn to live every moment and love like there’s no tomorrow… 

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