UOH, India

2015 – Project 52 / 52Frames / A Picture a Week Challenge

Week 05 – Greetings from…

This was not an easy week for me as I was crazy busy in the department. However, I’m thankful that I was able to fit a walk in with some friends and I’m rather happy with the image I got.

Week 05 - Project 52 - UOH, Hyderabad
Week 05, 2015 – UOH, Hyderabad

When I looked at the specifics for this week, a lot of ideas came to mind as Hyderabad (where I’m currently located) has a large amount of beautiful scenes  I capture to let you know where I am. However, in the end, the lack of time to go out adventuring and my love for my campus won out.

Why do I like this specific image? This picture aptly sums up my campus: it’s a beautiful combination of nature and man sharing a space. However, I choose to show the natural landscape more as the campus is large and most of it consists of forests and rocks with buildings scattered throughout.

Why did I choose a vertical composition instead of a horizontal one? I feel like this composition did justice to the elements of the image. I was going for the horizontal so you can get more of a panoramic view of where I was but then  I realized that I wanted to get the feeling of being drawn into the harsh bushes and lead upwards through the rocks, trees and lake towards the buildings in the background and finally the serenity of the setting sun at the top.

Here are some other images from the walk to get my image for the week:

For more of my photography, check out my Facebook Page: TR Pixel Addiction.


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