…into the unknown…

2015 – Project 52 / 52Frames / A Picture a Week Challenge

I’d like to wish you a Happy New Year / 2015. I hope that this year brings joy and happiness to you and yours and that you face every challenge and emerge victorious in one way or another.

This year, I’ve joined 52Frames for my “Project 52 Challenge”. I’ll still be taking pictures and uploading one a week, like in 2014 and 2013. However, the difference is that I’ll be going with a theme each week, along with the other photographers with 52Frames.

Week 01, 2015 – Selfie

The theme for Week 01 was ‘self-portrait’ and the extra credit challenge was to ‘tell your story’.  At first I was just going for the self portrait but then I wasn’t getting what I wanted as I felt something was missing. Then, on the first day of 2015, my friends and I were taking some group pictures in Coorg, Karnataka, India when I realized what I needed to add to the picture.

In my opinion, a self-portrait should give you an idea of who the individual is. It shouldn’t only focus on the features of a person with great lighting and other well used, photographic techniques but tell you more. A self-portrait should give you insight into the individual. I’m not sure if you’ll get my story by looking at the image but this is my self-portrait:

Week 01, 2015
Week 01, 2015 – …into the unknown…

Why do I like this image? In such a wide shot, it’s easy to loose the person but I don’t think that happened with me. I think it kind of highlights me more due to the tones of the trees and plants against my clothing. Basically I like the colours – a happy accident.

What is my story? I’m not sure what story you took away after looking at the image but the idea behind it was to say “I’m prepared for what lays ahead, both from man and from nature.” I think it fits as 2015 will be a challenging year for me. I may be a bit pensive and thoughtful (hands on hips) at times but I’m also strong in my reserve to see the year through (feet firmly planted). However, I’m also flexible with whatever comes and comfortable enough to deal with the challenges (open hair and sneakers). I’m ready for 2015!

How did I get this shot? I wasn’t thinking about the self-portrait on this morning so I didn’t have my remote or a tripod. All I had were two friends to assist me. I asked Archana stand where I am so that I can set the focus and composition. Following this, I gave the camera to Sumedha to hold as I ran to that position and posed as the timer count down from 10 seconds. It took two tries but I got what I wanted.

Here’s to a start to “Project 52” the third time and a year where I can stand steady and face the challenges ahead!

For more of my photography, check out my Facebook Page: TR Pixel Addiction.


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