Outside my window

2014 – Project 52 – Week Thirteen

Some weeks I need to really think about a theme or a picture to take to ensure I stay in the game. Other weeks, it’s as simple as staring out of my window.

Week 13: Mar 26 - Apr 01 Title: Kiskadee Location: Home, ECD, Guyana
Week 13: Mar 26 – Apr 01
Title: Kiskadee
Location: Home, ECD, Guyana

For this week, the first image I took was of a bird outside my window. The next day, as I was working on notes for my classes, I heard some sweet singing outside my window so I looked out – low and behold, more birds. This set the tone for the week and I realised that it’s not a bad theme for the week.

I liked this image the most from this week due to the contrast. It might look like a very simple ‘point and shoot’ image but I did spend some time (as much as a moving bird can give you) ensuring it was composed the way I wanted it. Also, I had some problem with processing it initially – there was a purple glow about the fence. The good thing about it is that I’m part of a photography group, Guyana Photographers, and once you upload an image the others aren’t too shy about pointing out ways to improve the image.

In summary: Week Thirteen challenges included (1) being restricted to using a window frame as my ‘movement area’, (2) shooting moving objects – I lucked out when they landed and (3) processing.

Here are some more images I shot during this week with a focus on that window!


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