2014 – Project 52 – Week Nine

Week 09: Apr 26 - Mar 04 Title: cuddles... Location: Aunt's Home, East Coast Demerara, Guyana
Week 09: Apr 26 – Mar 04
Title: cuddles…
Location: Aunt’s Home, ECD, Guyana

Have you ever been told “look at her and you’ll see you when you were younger?” (Obviously, if you’re male replace ‘her’ with ‘him’. *smiles*) Well it seems as if my niece, who was my twenth-seventh birthday present, and I share some rather similar characteristics. To name some, we can’t stay still for too long, we eat yet don’t gain weight (we’re petite) and we don’t like people to cuddle us unless WE want it. When we decide to let people hug us, we do it in…style… In addition, we seem to be lawless alike – thus my Week Nine picture. Gosh, I love my little ‘mini-me’ who isn’t like me at all, contrary to what they say, as she’s so much more beautiful!

During this week my mom had a birthday, I took some pictures for a photography challenge (unusual perspective) and spied on a friend’s baby and my pets 🙂 Enjoy the rest of this week’s pictures below:


2 thoughts on “Mini-Me”

    1. haha we have some good weeks when we get to go out and take multiple images and then we have some slower weeks when we’re stumped and can’t think of a thing to take out!

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