Some fun

2014  – Project 52 – Week Five

This was a tough week because I think I got several really good images to choose from.

Week 05: Jan 29 - Feb 04 Title: Strutting his stuff Location: St Cuthbert's Mission, Guyana
Week 05: Jan 29 – Feb 04
Title: Strutting his stuff
Location: St Cuthbert’s Mission, Guyana

I choose the picture of the fowl cock/rooster for humorous purposes. You see, the week before I did that really wonderful image (in my opinion) of a pair of breasts so I ideally wanted to get a male model for this week but failing to do so, I used an image that can provide a wonderful play on words… Apart from that, I really like the posture of the animal and the colours. In addition, I needed to get something lively as the first four weeks were very much within the ‘shadow’ realm.

So, as you can see, the back story was definitely along the lines of ‘humour’. Sometimes, it’s not about using the best image but about using the one that appeals to the photographer the most!

Some other favourites from Week Five…

week 5 (7)I really like this image of two boys going home from school in the rain. The elder one is ensuring that they are both covered properly from the raindrops. There is a lot of ‘Guyanese-ness’ in this picture.

week 5 (1)Sometimes, I’m not sure WHAT do do and the week is winding down and I still don’t have an image. In these instances I call on my friends and turn them into models. Sometimes I get something I really like. Thank you Tana for posing for me even though I didn’t use the image…

week 5 (4)This picture was taken at St. Cuthbert’s Mission, Guyana when we were at the riverside awaiting the return of a friend. I remember thinking that I was missing out on a photoshoot about portraits with some photographer friends. I really like how the light fell on his face and the nice background the trees made. Manipulating the early afternoon sun to get this image was not an easy job!

week 5 (2)I remember spotting these two fallen flowers and the contrast with the sand and the raindrops just made it almost perfect. However, that bit of flower in the lower, right corner was a disturbing element for me. I couldn’t move that flower before taking the picture because of where they were located and couldn’t have moved around to get it from a different angle either.

week 5 (3)This image would have probably been the picture for this week but I went for humour. This little guy was sitting by a tree and just relaxing. However, when he saw my friends and I approaching he hid his face from us – maybe because he’s a bit shy. When I was behind him, I looked back and saw that he was peeping my other friends through his folded hands so I took this shot. I don’t want to expand on this shot anymore…

week 5 (5)Finally, just for kicks – two of my friends going a bit crazy on the trail from St. Cuthbert’s Mission. It’s not a great picture but I love it none the less…

There you go, some of my favourite images from Week Five of my 2014 Project 52… Sometimes, it’s not about selecting the best photograph of the set but the one you like the most 🙂


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