Night’s light

2014 – Project 52 – Week Three

Moon Got Rain
Moon Got Rain

It’s one of those afternoons where I either want to stay home in the nice warmth and let the coolness of the breeze exist outside in it’s own world or I get out and have fun in the cool, windy, overcast weather. I’m not quite sure what I’d like to do as yet; all I know is that I’ve had a busy day and whatever I choose to do will definitely be in the line of ‘relaxation’.

The weather outside made me realise I didn’t blog about my week three picture. The reason for that would be the fact that I didn’t have internet at home and the last weekend (normally my days to blog) I was hanging with the girlfriends  and just took the couple days away from social networking.

Week 03: Jan 15 - Jan 21 Title: Full Moon Location: Home, ECD, Guyana
Week 03: Jan 15 – Jan 21
Title: Full Moon
Location: Home, ECD, Guyana

Anyways, my picture for week three was the first full moon of 2014. I already did the normal moon picture – the moon was in focus and you can see the craters, etc. – last year, or was it 2012? Anways, this picture is based on a conversation I was having with my fellow photographer friend Michael Lam during our long drive for a photo-walk in Canal #2.

Michael was saying that he’s tired of seeing the ‘normal’ pictures of the moon and that the next time he took one he wanted a coconut tree in the image. I don’t think I stole his idea but it gave me some ideas of my own for doing a ‘different moon picture’. I didn’t realise I had the elements right in my backyard, so to speak.

Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek

I was at home alone just relaxing when I realised that I didn’t have the picture for that week as yet and recalled it was the full-moon. So, I got my camera and went on my back veranda with the hopes of getting something I liked for the week.

Low and behold, there was the skeleton of a coconut tree and the moon was near it, as the moon rose higher and higher it came into the centre of more trees. So, I just set my camera up on different settings and took a few. I realised that I was getting ‘normal’ images, so I decided to experiment with shutter speed a bit and see what I got. After a few experiments I realised I liked what I was seeing, so I just extended the shutter speed more and got my picture for the week.

Rainy night sky
Rainy night sky

However, a lot of people didn’t like the image as it was over exposed. So, I eventually uploaded a few others that they found quite charming; you can see them throughout this post. I like them all but I selected the specific one because of how the moon looks – like a guiding bit of brilliance in the sky. It’s beckoning me to it because I don’t see the moon but a shiny object…

Breaking it down, step by step:

Step One – Set up my camera on manual mode and ensure it was on bulb mode .

Step Two – Set the camera to ‘remote’ mode as I realised shaky hands when pressing and releasing the shutter makes for blurry moons.

Step Three – Place the camera on a ‘tripod’ to ensure that it’s stable.

Step Four – Adjust the focus to be what I want.

Step Five – Press the button on the remote and hold for fifteen seconds…

Voila! Moon picture with a nice shiny moon…


2 thoughts on “Night’s light”

  1. Thanks for the mention. Everyone wants a good “moon shot”, complete with craters etc, so we all try it, but that’s what makes it run-of-the-mill… everyone has one.

    I like the ideas you ran with… some will say you should have done two exposures and merged them to get the scene and the moon clearly… I rather like the rays you got from the aperture blades, and the coconut fronds suggestive of bright tropical nights. Well done.

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