Love is crazy…

2014 – Project 52 – Week One

Week 1: Jan 01 - Jan 07 Title: Love is crazy... Location: Home, ECD, Guyana
Week 1: Jan 01 – Jan 07
Title: Love is crazy…
Location: Home, ECD, Guyana

Expressing myself through my art has become quite easy for me; the hard part actually comes when I let put my work where members of the public can view and critique it. As an artist, albeit a rather new and unknown one still learning the ropes, I capture and present things based on my creative direction; my personal experiences. This background does not lend itself to the public; they will see and judge a photograph based on their personal experiences – not mine. Therefore, how I perceive my art is not how someone else would perceive it.

Week One for ‘2014 – Project 52‘ (a picture a week challenge) saw me experimenting with controlled lighting and  subject in motion. After about an hour and quite a few (hundred?) clicks, I got something I was satisfied with. It might seem confusing to others but, to me, it makes perfect sense! Let me try and bring you all in the loop…

I didn’t really plan to have this kind of a conceptual photograph but as the week was coming to a close and I was lagging behind my other (fourteen?) photographer friends doing this challenge with me, I needed to photograph something. I remember strolling through my home and this nice little ornament was spinning slowly due to the air passing through the house. The way the light caught the dangling hearts as they swung around caught my eye and I knew I found a subject.

The ornament at rest
The ornament at rest

At first, I only wanted to get a picture of the ornament but for some reason I wasn’t getting what I wanted – the light wasn’t correct/what I was seeing in my head. I then tried variations with the background to see if that would help to make the ornament ‘pop’ more but the same problem – it wasn’t quite right! Then I figured that I should use a torch light – get a rim light going but I failed to consider the fact that the ornament was spinning because I had put the fan on behind it.

After a lot of failed attempts to get an image that I would like, I finally sat for a bit and thought about it. As I was watching the ornament and the hearts rotating, the thought ‘love is crazy’ came to me. I then decided to go with this idea and try to represent that.

Breaking it down, step by step:

Step One – I placed a black shawl over a chair so that I  can get a solid background to work with.

Step Two – I placed the ornament on the chair at an angle and replaced the inner light with a dried flower I had.

Step Three – I placed a ring I have with three hearts a bit infront of the ornament as I wanted this to be the focus.

Step Four – I put on the torch light so that it light the ring and cast a double heart shadow.

Step Five – I put the fan back on so that the hearts would rotate and tried to capture the perfect motion blur.

Step Six – I set the camera on a book on my bed and set it to remote as I realised my hand clicking the button caused the image to be blurry.

Step Seven – I took the picture… 🙂


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