Introducing Krazie

Creator: Taij Rampersaud
Taij. Rampersaud

Having been twenty-five years old for quite a few years (I’m not going to say how long so please don’t ask), I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s pretty hard to identify all the things I love and am interested in. Life isn’t stagnant and everyday I learn something new; some I like and some I don’t like but they all add to the whole of who I am. However, there are a few areas of my life that I think are worth sharing and I’ll attempt to do so in a creative and refreshing manner through this personal blog.

I’m not quite sure WHY I decided to restart and recreate this online space as I lost interest on all the other occasions. However, I have this drive to see this personal project through and have decided to retry my hand at it. In addition, I read somewhere that having a blog will help to improve my writing. I’m not 100% sure if this is accurate and applicable to everyone but, considering the latest adventure I’m embarking upon, I hope there is some truth to the statement.

Now, there are three interests I’ve decided to share with you for the time being: photography, writing and documentary.

Pixel Addiction: I’ve been a photographer since I was about six years old when I discovered an old film camera in my home; since then, there was no holding me back. I think my parents were more than happy when digital cameras and computers reached the consumer markets and were ‘economically friendly’. I’ve since upgraded my equipment (but not to the professional level) and have started taking my photography more seriously.

Narratives: I find that a lot of the times, I’ll simply pick up a pen/pencil and start jutting down my feelings in prose; in recent times, I’ve started typing them out on my phone or laptop. Quite a lot of my poetry do not make it to public consumption but the few that have made it have gotten rather good reviews. *aside* This could be a direct result of the ‘public’ comprising friends and family who want to make me feel good about myself. However, I’ll interpret the positive reviews to mean that I’m somewhat good at it! In addition to poetry, my profession makes me do a lot of research to prepare teaching notes and, from time to time, I find some rather interesting statements that make me think ‘beyond what I read…’ In addition, there are also the quirky events in life that just make me want to go “GRRR…” (either with joy or frustration). But you get the gist, I simply like to write…sometimes…

Things Guyanese: I find that a lot of people tend to mix my home country of Guyana (located on the continent of South America with neighbouring countries being Brazil, Venezuela and Suriname) with Ghana (located on the continent of Africa). There are so many beautiful (some not so beautiful) and interesting things about my country that sets it apart from others that I would like to share. Our culture is rich and the diversity found here is like no other I’ve experienced. Through pictures and my experiences, I’ll attempt to give you a slice of the Guyanese way of life…

Finally, for the sake of identity, my name is Taij. Rampersaud and I’m a Guyanese. I’ve done a bit of exploring here and there in the world, now and again, and have been trying to ensure I enjoy every moment possible. There are days when I’m this huge bundle of energy on the go all the time and others when I can sit and read for hours or just do ‘nothing-ness‘. 

It’s hard to pin down who I am really (even to myself) but I find that I can relate to this quote quite well: “Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching. Sing like nobody’s listening. Live like it’s Heaven on Earth.” (Mark Twain)

Have fun going through my website and feel free to drop me comments at any point in time through the Contact Me section. If you see something that you would like to use then kindly visit the Legalities section for more information on how you can do so.


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