Welcome to Krazie13

“Greeting the Sun” was featured as the January image for the UOH 2016 calendar; UOH, Telangana, India

Welcome to Krazie13 and my personal journey through life documented in various ways. I created this space to share some of my interests with you. Everyone has stories to tell and I’m sharing some of my stories here.

I’m not going to promise to update the blog aspect religiously every day as I know from experience that this isn’t possible right now. In addition, I’ve recently resumed studies and time is a scarce resource for me. Most of the time, when I don’t have readings or assignments to complete, I simply want to sit and don’t do anything – which, sadly, includes writing. However, I will try to keep it updated.

I love hazelnut coffee!!! :D
I love hazelnut coffee!!! 😀

For the sake of identity, my name is Taijrani Rampersaud (aka Taij/TJ/Resh…) and I’m a Guyanese living in India. I’ve done a bit of exploring here and there in the world, now and again. However, for the foreseeable future, I’m grounded in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. I created this blog with the aim of helping to improve my writing, in addition to sharing some of me with whoever wants to read. As the time passed it became the medium for me to share my photographic interests with you more and more. So… welcome to my world – depicted mostly through imagery!